CMS & WSU-SOM -Taizhou Hospital Summer Internship Program • July 2012
Release date: 2012-10-16

The Group Photo. July 16th, 2012, 8 students from Chicago Medical School and 6 students from Wayne State University School of Medicine came to Taizhou Hospital to do the summer internship for 2-4 weeks. Among the 14 students, 3 are American born Chinese. This group photo was taken on their first clinical day with their tutors.

Massage Therapy. David was very interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is practicing this newly-learnt technique on his tutor.

E-Club English Class. Every Wednesday evening, the American students gathered and helped Chinese volunteers with their oral English. Most of these volunteers are hospital staffs or their relatives who are interested in learning/practicing English. At the same time, the class gave American students an opportunity to know more about Chinese culture.

Young Faces. These young volunteers made full use of their summer vacation by helping American students with their daily life as well as helping patients. Surely this must be a memorable summer for them.

Mountain Trip. On weekends, American students and volunteers visited a scenic spot in a nearby town. Surrounded in nature, everyone must felt soothed and relaxed.