Foreign Academic Consultants Visit Enze Medical Center
Release date: 2012-11-06

On Oct.24th, three Academic Consultants from America visited our Medical Center. They are Dr. Zhao Wei(the second person from left side) from University of Virginia Dr. Lin Jin(the middle) from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Dr. Cai Hui(the second person from right side) from Emory University. Since their last visit in March, 2012, this is their second visit this year. The three professors care much about the new Enze Hospital (a new hospital of Enze Medical Center, which is still under construction). Hou Kun, assistant director of the construction team, is introducing the project.

At the site of the inpatient building in Enze Hospital

The American professors speak highly of Enze Hospital.

The three academic consultants gave a lecture on “How to Write and Submit SCI Papers” to medical staffs within our medical center.

The lecture attracted a large audience.