Karolinska University Hospital Delegation’s Visit——Prof. Åke Andrén-Sandberg’s 12th Visit
Release date: 2013-03-13

Karolinska University Hospital Delegation’s Visit
——Prof. Åke Andrén-Sandberg’s 12th Visit


Karolinska University Hospital is a university hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, closely affiliated with the Karolinska Institute. Prof. Åke Andrén-Sandberg has been to Taizhou Hospital for 12 times since his first visit in 2002. He is a well-known pancreatic surgeon who devoted a lot of time and energy in the past 10 years for building a good relationship between Karolinska Institute and Taizhou Hospital. This time he brought 7 other doctors and nurses specialized in liver surgery, endoscopic ultrasonography, surgical endoscopy, intensive care and anaesthesiology with him. They went to clinic, gave 9 lectures and spoke at the Sino-Swedish HPB Surgery Forum.

Prof. Åke Andrén-Sandberg is appointed as “subject development consultant” of Taizhou Enze Medical Center (Group)

All friends are singing together at the Welcome Party

Prof. Rozh Noel is giving a lecture at the Digestive Medicine Dept.

At the ward of the Digestive Medicine Dept.

Prof. Åke Andrén-Sandberg is giving a lecture at the Sino-Swedish Clinical Research Forum

The absorbed audience

Ralf Segersvärd, a chief pancreatic surgeon, is giving advice on clinical research ideas at the forum

Visit the new Enze Hospital History Museum

Visit Enze Women and Children’s Hospital

Visit Taizhou Central Hospital in Jiaojiang

Visit the Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispensary at Central Hospital

Visit Luqiao Hospital

Visit Enze Hospital

Six Swedish doctors spoke at the Sino-Swedish HPB Surgery Forum