Foreign Academic Consultants Contribute to Enze Medical Center’s Development
Release date: 2013-11-11

Taizhou Enze Medical Center has invited 16 foreign medical experts as academic consultants ever since 2011. These consultants are mainly from America and Sweden who are famous in their medical field. Generally, they come to visit our medical center at least once a year, giving lectures and advice in the purpose to develop our medical center in all aspects.

Prof. Cai Guoping from Yale University (America) is guiding the work at pathology department in March, 2013

Prof. Yang Weibin from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and VA North Texas Health Care System (America) visited Taizhou Hospital in June, 2013


Prof. Yang is giving a lecture on “the Role of a Physiatrist”


At Yang’s lectureⅠ

At Yang’s lecture Ⅱ

Prof. Yang is seeing patients at rehabilitation department

Prof. Peter Elbe from Karolinska Institute (Sweden) visited Taizhou Hospital in July, 2013

Prof. Peter is giving a lecture on “Ways to improve the education of surgeons”

At Peter’s lecture

Prof. Peter is speaking at gastroenterology conference held by Taizhou Hospital

At the gastroenterology conference

Prof. An Yuehui, Kang Qian and McFadden from North Shore LIJ Medical System - Southside Hospital and Roper/Saint Francis hospital system (America) visited Enze Medical Center in September, 2013

Discussing at the wards at Luqiao Hospital

Making morning ward rounds at Luqiao Hospital

Group photo with medical staff at Luqiao Hospital

Prof. Cai Hui, prof. Lin Jin and 4 nurses from Emory University School of Medicine and Mount Sinai Medical Center (America) visited Taizhou Hospital in October, 2013. Prof. Lin and Cai is giving a lecture on “training of young doctors”.

Prof. Cai at the lecture

A large audience attended the lecture

Prof. Cai is making morning ward rounds at nephrology department

Prof. Lin talking with doctors at NICU

The nurses visited NICU

Group photo at NICU