Foreign Medical Student Internship Program

Brief Introduction
We accept foreign medical students (or relational subjects) to do internship at Taizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province.

We Promise that every student will have an advisor who is senior in each subject and can speak fluent English. The students¡¯ accommodation will be borne by us.

Currently, we have established relationship with 2 American medical schools (Chicago Medical School & Wayne State University School of Medicine) and 1 Swedish medical school (Karolinska Institute), and we receive students from these schools every year.

How to apply
In order to apply for the program, you need to fill out the attached application form first and email it to contact persons below.

download:Application Form.doc

Please note:
Students must have medical and life insurance during their staying in China and they should abide by Chinese laws and hospital rules.

Hot Subjects:
Orthopedics, General Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Digestive medicine, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular Medicine, ER, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Urology.

Internship Time: May, June, July, August

Contact Info:
Dr. Hong Dun
Jessie Yu
Science and Education Department
Taizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province
150# Ximen Street, Linhai 317000, Zhejiang, China
Tel: 86-576-85199615
Fax: 86-576-85199876

Chicago Medical School & Taizhou Hospital Summer Internship Program£¨CMS & TZH Program)

¡ñ How has this program been organized
The CMS&TZH Program was first been discussed by Dr. Haixiao Chen (professor, President of Taizhou Hospital) and Dr. Robert Suskind (ex-dean of CMS) in year 2000, while Dr. Suskind paid his visit to the Shanghai Children¡¯s Hospital. The two sides had reached the intention of cooperation in medical student¡¯s internship training in Taizhou hospital. In year 2001, Dr. Suskind had his very first visit to Taizhou hospital and had discussed about the program with Dr. Haixiao Chen. Dr. Chen always has a very open attitude in receiving the medical students from CMS and gives a lot of support both financially and technically to arrange and push through this program.

In year 2002, we received the very first 3 medical students from CMS, who are now doctors in Los Angeles. They spent one whole month in Taizhou and volunteered to be the English teacher to the hospital staffs in their leisure time. We really appreciate for their contribution. And year by year, the CMS&TZH program has become one of the most popular international programs in CMS, which we heard the feedback from both Dr. Suskind and different batches of students. By year 2012, we had received about 100 medical students from CMS to Taizhou, and for the longest internship training was 9 months in Taizhou by Dr. Christoph Chien.

¡ñ How we choose and mentor CMS medical students
Each year after the newly finished batch of the CMS students, they would introduce the journey of Taizhou to their buddy school mates and how they feel about this program, and students who showed their interest of coming to China for summer internship will email to the foreign affair office of TZH.

Once we got the application from the CMS students, we would like to have their resumes about education and working backgrounds, and their intention of practicing in Taizhou, by going through all resumes, we would choose some of the students and called up for a phone interview, which will include what department they hope to go and how well they are prepared to train in Taizhou, by the time of interview, we will provide some information about Taizhou.