Department of Burn

Burn department at Taizhou hospital is the first established and the only high standard one in Taizhou city. And it has long been the major referral center for the treatment of severe burn injured patients. It provides care to 650 in-patients and 6000 out-patients visit annually nowadays. These patients come from everywhere at Taizhou city and surrounding counties. The department is dedicated to providing the crucial combination of specialized medical care and rehabilitative services required by victims of severe burns. More than 80 severe cases whose injured areas are more than 80% and areas of 3rd degree are more than 50% at the same time have been cured here during the past years. Among them the most severe victim suffered from 97% injured area and 92% at 3rd degree. It reflects the clinical technique of the burn department reaches advanced standard in china. 3 research projects about burn care funded by government have been undertaken during the past 5 years and 18 articles have been published in national medical journals. This department is the first to perform 3 new procedures in Zhejiang province. They are : 1)scharectomy and skin graft in shock stage, 2)autodermis and micro-skin grafting with allograft covering burn wound to resolve the the problem of autologous skin deficiency in the patients with large area burns,3)skin flap and muscular flap transplantation to cover especially deep burn wound to minimize the rate of disability.