Department Of Infectious Diseases

Brief Introduction:
In 2003 this department was named a main department of Wenzhou medical school and Taizhou City. It has 106 beds. Also, it includes an outpatient clinic able to handle 40,000 patients per year. More than 3,000 patients have been cared for through hospitalization in Department beds.

Department Character:
This department majors in Viral Hepatitis (Chronic Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Liver Cirrhosis...), Unknown Fevers, and HIV treatment. Started supporting treatment in using a Mechanical-Liver before implant, and has handled more than 250 cases since 1999. 2004 Built the Taizhou Mechanical-Liver center. Curable Rate has been 80%. It is quickly becoming a top-level national facility.

Research Results:
In the last 5 years this department has taken on the task of researching and dealing with 9 major problems confronting Zheijiang province and published 20 reports on these issues. Received a third place prize for these efforts.

Doctors 21, nurses 31, high level staff 7, mid level staff 14, Masters Degree 2, Masters students 4, Professor 1, Assistant Professors 3.

Department Leader: Zhu Jian Sheng
Head Physician, Professor, Assistant President of Taizhou Hospital. Zhejiang Medicine Infection Community, member. Taizhou Medical Infectious Group, leader. Taizhou 211 project, 2nd member.

Department Director: Chen Hua Zhong
Director, Assistant Professor, Attendant Doctor. Zhejiang Rare infectious disease professor group, member. Taizhou Medicine Infectious disease group, assistant leader. Majored in treatment and diagnosis of Chronic hepatitis and Cirrhosis, Especially sever acute hepatitis with mechanical liver treatments.
Clinic time: Every Friday Morning/A.M. and Afternoon/P.M., Linhai Hospital,
Thursday Morning/A.M., Lu Qiao Hospital

He Ze Bao Assistant Professor
Majored in Chronic Hepatitis Treatment.

Zhang Jian Bo Male, Assistant Professor
Zhejiang Medical School, Graduated 1986 Majored in Chronic Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Cirrhosis and Unknown Fevers

Fan Hao Female, Assistant Professor
Zhejiang Medical School, Graduated 1993 Majored in Chronic Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Cirrhosis and Unknown Fevers