Brief introduction:
Department of stomatology of Taizhou hospital, with its powerful techniques, skillful medical personnel and well-provided equipments, is the treatment center for oral diseases and maxillofacial diseases. Each year, our total clinic patients are over 50000, the number of patients for hospitalization is above 700,which is only next to Zhejiang Medical College Affiliated Hospital.
Feature of the Subject:
Our department is made up by oral & maxillofacial surgery, oral medical department and oral correction and reshaping department.
Oral & maxillofacial surgery:
Taizhou hospital is the earliest one to set up wards for oral & maxillofacial surgery in Zhejiang Province and the surgical technical level is also at relatively advanced level in our province. We can patch up the coloboma after oral & maxillofacial tumor operation by tissue flap. We have the techniques for internal fixation of all kinds of complicated maxillofacial fractures and traumas by miniature Ti-slab. We also carry out routine treatments for diseases such as oral & maxillofacial nerve disease, temporomandibular disorders, chilopalatognathus, maxillofacial abnormity and so on. Besides, we set upour own oral & maxillofacial microsurgery laboratory and cooperate with Center-Lab to carry out molecular biological researches in oral & maxillofacial tumors.
Oral correction and reshaping department:
We have two most famous experts in the area of Oral correction and reshaping in our city. our department carry out many treatments as routine, including removable local artifcal teeth, holostomatous artifcal teeth, various kinds of fixed bridges, sophisticated casting, ceramic corona-bridges, repair of precision attachment, various fixation of irregular dentures, correction of abnormity, surgical therapy and so on.
Oral medical department:
We routinely carry out the management for teeth, peri-tooth and oral mucosa diseases, such as the diagnosis and treatment for dental caries, pulposis, periradicular diseases, teeth maldevelopment, cementoperiostitis as well as the teeth cleaning services.
Scientific research potential:
We assumed five city research projects in the past five years and we have gained the prize for medical science research achievements in Zhejiang Province. More than 30 articles have been published in professional magazines.
Talented Ranks:
We have a medical staff of 44 members, within which embrace 7 with high-ranking, 5 with master degree, 2 professors and 1 M.S. tutor.
Dean of the Department : Mr. Gengsheng Shi
Chief Doctor, professor, M.S. tutor
The Member of Zhejiang Oral Medical Commission
The associate team leader of Taizhou Professional Oralogy Team
The dean of Taizhou Oralogy Quality Control Center
The associate team leader for the Odontiasis Prevention and Cure Advisor Teem in Taizhou City
Specialty: Oral & maxillofacial surgery, difficult and complicated Oral medical diseases.

Lirong Lang Associate Chief Doctor
Dequan Yang Associate Chief Doctor
Haisheng Chen Attending Doctor
Zaihong Chen Attending Doctor
Yongqing Tong Attending Doctor
Weijiang yang Resident
Qi Zhou Resident
Fanchao Ruan Resident