Brief Introduction:
The Taizhou hospitalí»s urology department is a 45-bed unit. Approximately 1500 patients suffering from urological conditions are admitted each year and there are over 26,000 outpatient clinic visits annually.
Kidney transplantation: The autograft Kidney Transplant Program at Taizhou hospital was started in 1983 and allograft in 1996.The successful rate of operations was 100%. And a record of performing kidney transplantation in 5 patients on the same day was set.
Urological surgery: the framework of it is featured by 4 specialties teams: endoluminal surgery, laproscopic surgery, prostatic surgery and general urology. Every year about 400 patients undergo operations here. We perform all kinds operations in the urological field routinely, including adrenals kidneys and bladder or urethra, etc. the skills of us have reached national advanced standard especially in laproscopic surgery, ESWL, continent orthotopic ideal neobladder and genitalia orthopaedics.
Endoluminal and mini-invasive surgery: Nearly every urologic procedure that is performed using a conventional surgical incision before can be performed laparoscopically now, especially in conditions of adrenal, bladder or prostate. This kind of procedures is more than 50% of all here.
Research: We have undertaken research projects funded by government during the past 5 years and have published more than 20 articles in national medical journals.