Brief Introduction:
The emergency center at Taizhou hospital was founded in 2001.After 4 years development it has become a comprehensive and independent unit now. It has six subsidiary sections: pre-hospital and internal hospital emergency medical sections, emergency ICU, comprehensive ICU, and emergency ward. It is equipped with advanced apparatuses including B-ultrasound device, ambulances, defibrillation machines, monitors, ventilation machines and staffed with 120 professionals. We are pioneering in the fields of emergency and intensive medicine and scopic surgery in Taizhou city.
Dr Ruili Zhang:chief of the center, is expert in diagnosis and treatment of acute abdominal conditions, abdominal trauma, acute pancreatitis and external duodenal leakage. Under his lead, the center has launched new advanced procedures such as laproscopic surgeries on stomach, gallbladder, spleen, duodenum and other digestive organs recently. These mini invasive operations allow for a marked improvement in patients' recovery rates and significantly reduce the occurrence of complications, the level of discomfort suffered and the amount of post-operative scarring.
Dr Peiyang Hu and his team are dedicated to improving management of multiple and complicated injuries. An independent emergency operating room is installed here to rescue injured patients timely.
Dr Huizheng Gu and Dr Suzhi Liu are all expert in management of various kinds of mortally conditions, are also of great attainment in difficult and complicated cases, cardiology and neurology.
ICU, directed by Dr Ronghai Lin, is undertaking the mission of management of severe cases in whole hospital. It is equipped with advanced central monitors and is carrying out new techniques including CRRT.