Taizhou enjoys a long history. 5,000 years ago, the ancestors began to settle there. It was called Huipu Town during the reign of Qin Dynasty (221©¤207 B.C.) and Huipu County since 85 B.C. in the Western Han Dynasty. In 257 A.D., Wu Kingdom of the Three Kingdoms Period set up Linhai Shire there. In 621 A.D.during theTang Dynasty it was named as Haizhou, and renamed Taizhou in the following year. Following the founding of PRC, Taizhou had been a prefecture in administrative division.
On August 22, 1994, Taizhou Municipality was set up in place of Taizhou Prefecture. In 1999, the State Council determined Taizhou as an economic sub-center in the Shanghai Economic Zone. On August 15, 2003, Taizhou formally became one of the 16 satellite cities of Shanghai. Its goal for the 2nd instant development is: to build Taizhou into a modernized seashore city with developed science, industry and trade in 2020.

TaizhouˇŻs social culture started from the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, Zheng Qian, a famous scholastic official, was devoted to development of local education and culture. Entering the Southern Song Dynasty, Taizhou became a cultural and educational center. Taizhou boasts of many talents and historical figures. 96 persons from Taizhou including Xiang Si, Dai Fugu and Qi Zhaonan have once been biographied in Chinese historic books. Since 1949, 21 Taizhou-born persons have successively become academicians of CAS and CAE.

In ˇ°Siku Quanshuˇ±, the Complete library in the Four Branches of Literature in Qing Dynasty, were collected 141 books written by 107 Taizhou scholars, such as, ˇ°Cuzhi Scriptureˇ±, the first entomologic book of the world by Jia Sidao of Song Dynasty, ˇ°Quanfang Beizuˇ±, the globally earliest botany dictionary by Chen Jingxin of Song Dynasty, ˇ°Book of Fungusˇ°, the first domestic fungus monograph of the world by Chen Renyu of Song Dynasty, ˇ°Wuyue Youcaoˇ±, the first economic geography book by Wang Shixing of Ming Dynasty, and ˇ°Veterinary Herbsˇ±. Taizhou is the birthplace of southern China operas. ˇ°Taizhou Luantanˇ±, a southern China opera genre and one of 318 local operas in China, took shape during Qing Dynasty. Taizhou also boasts of colorful folk arts, such as Dragon-contest, dragon lantern dance and boat racing. ˇ°Needle-pierced boneless lanternˇ± from Xianju County, which firstly appeared during the Tang Dynasty, is praised as ˇ°the Best Lantern of Chinaˇ±. Tourism Known for ˇ°Reputed Mountains on the Seaˇ± from of old, Taizhou has 62 natural scenic spots and 62 artificial sights, which contain more than 10 scenic spots of national level. In Taizhou currently exists 63 star hotels and 74 travel agencies including 3 CITS agency. Linhai International Hotel, Phoenix Hotel and Jiaojiang Hotel are among the first ˇ°Green Hotelsˇ± of Zhejiang, Taizhou Huaxia Travel Agency and Dongya Travel Agency among the top 50 travel agencies of Zhejiang.