¡ñ Our Values
1. Focus on the patients
2. Take the quality as lives
3. Revive the hospital by science and technology
4. Regard innovation as an opportunity to the development of the hospital
5. Unswerving hold the unshakeable faith
6. Pursue perfection and hate bureaucracy
7. Work at a boundaryless way
8. Look powerful team as a warrant for success
9. Make confrere¡¢society and nature in concord
10. Providing the staff a fine, just and open competition environment. Offer each individual a developing space to realize his owe value in a competitive payment system.
¡ñ Our Aims
Making contribution to the nation; Providing convenience to the people; Finding our own value; Making sacrifice for our country.
¡ñ Our Spirit
We hold the devotion to delivering the best patient care with the heart and value true. And we praise highly of dedication and innovation.
¡ñ Our Faith
1. We take solicitude and service as our basic behaviors
2. We insist in being practical and enterprising as our way of working
3. We hold solidarity and democracy as the spirit of teamwork.
4. We believe learning and originality as the motive force to go forward.
5. We see quality and efficiency as our pursuing goals.
¡ñ Our Adages
1. Do dare to admit mistakes to improve ourselves.
2. Never make excuses and cosider the duties as important as lives.
3. Work steadfastly and be severe with ourselves.
4. The success of future lies on today¡¯s attitudes.
5. We always seek the opportunities to change rather than pretext to keep invariable situation.
6. The staff have a voice on the running of the hospital.
7. The Taizhou people can survive without taizhou hospital,but Taizhou Hospital is doomed to ruin without Taizhou people.
¡ñ Our Visions
Make great efforts to turn Taizhou Hospital into a classical and modern medical organization in china.
¡ñ Our policies of management
We regard integrity as basic elements and see People foremost, and we win great victory by good quality and always keep improving.
¡ñ Our competitive concepts
We always prapare to surpass selves and gald to share predominance. We cordially uphold sustainable development to reach a win-win situation
¡ñ Our learning concepts
We persevere in active learning in lifetime to keep ahead and advocate balanced development.
¡ñ Rule of HR Development
Concepts of employing persons:
1. Each individual is a talent, and promotion is based upon excellence, not appearance.
2. We recognize, honor,and acknowledge each person¡¯s role and contribution, and show full respects to their personalities.
3. We treat staff equally without discrimination.
4. Everybody is the same £¬only the number can tell
¡ñ Service Philosophy
1. Endless Service
2. Gapless service
3. Service means the image
4. Service means the efficiency
¡ñ The DNA of Talent We Need
Everyone should has a good vision in his life.----------Vision.
Everyone must show enough Energizes at his work.----------Energizes
Work agreeably with teammates.---------------Team
Work boundlessly. -----------------Boundaryless
Grant the patient's demands with great passions.-----------------Passion
One must be equipped for Energies to adapt to the changes.-------Energy
Strike great edges whenever we meet with adversities.--------------Edge
One must possesses of the ability to execute orders unswervingly.-----------Execute
Behave accordantly with Whatever one said------------------Integrity
Be prepare to change initiatively to pursue a brand-new and advanced fangled.------------------Change