¡ñEnze Hospital (1901-1951.12)
In GuangXu 27th year of Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1901), the missionary Bai Minden, who was commissioned by the church of British, established the Enze Medical facilities at Wangtiantai in Linhai, which was as famous as the Hangzhou GuangJi Hospital (today the second affiliated hospital, the Medical college of Zhejiang University) and Ningbo Renji Hospital. It belonged to one of the three most famous Church hospitals of Zhejiang parish.

In the 22nd year of the Republic of china (A.D.1933), the facility was turned over to the Enze Hospital, which included 10 departments, 50 beds and 50 medical staff. It set up an affiliated school with a 5-year medicine training class and a 2-year nursing training class that became the earliest western medical training facility in Taizhou.

¡ñPublic Hospital of Taizhou (1946.5-1949.10)
Applied by Zirou Zhou, the director of aviation committee and the commander of the air force, the heads of 7¨Ccountries and the presidents of senates on the joint-conference discussed and agreed to set up the Public Hospital of Taizhou in the 35th year of the Public of China. The hospital was built in West Street of Linhai, where the facility for art and music was initially located for the poor people to practice.

The fund was raised from every county to share the expense,. The head office of succouring aids of United Nations for postwar China and the Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province provided the most of medical equipments. The hospital had 50-beds and 18 medical staffs with one X-ray machine and microscope at that time.

Wenda Zhou, the expert in tropical diseases, was engaged as the first dean of the hospital. He participated in compiling our country¡¯s first pharmacopoeia ¡°Chinese pharmacopoeia¡± (the Public of China Edition). He also was the senior officer of the Health Bureau and a professor of the First Medical College of the Province (the predecessor of the Medicine College of Zhejiang University).

¡ñThe Provincial Hospital of Taizhou(1949.10-1954.10)
In Sep. 1949, president Zenlin Tan of Zhejiang people¡¯s government issued the document 1949 (No.1) that our hospital was promoted to a state hospital directly under the leadership of the Health Bureau of Zhejing Province since the October 1st. It was renamed as the Provincial Hospital of Taizhou. The president of hospital was appointed by the governor. The hospital had been formally listed in the array of the national non-profit welfare units since then. It really became a public hospital of Zhejiang Province.

In December of 1951, the Enze Hospital and the Provincial Hospital of Taizhou merged to one hospital, the patient beds were increased to 100 and the medical staff to 81.

The nursing school of the hospital was established in the same year (1949.11), recruited 10 students (in October of 1952, it was renamed as Taizhou Nursing School of Zhejiang province, and it was the very predecessor of today¡¯s Taizhou Nursing School)

¡ñLinhai Hospital (1954.10-1956.5)
The commission office of Taizhou prefecture was eliminated in June, 1954. The hospital was renamed as Linhai Hospital, which was administered by the people¡¯s government of Linhai County.

¡ñPeople¡¯s Hospital of Linhai County (1956.5-1958.6)
In May, 1956, the Community Hospital of Linhai County was incorporated with our hospital. It was renamed as the People¡¯s Hospital of Linhai County, where there were 170 beds and 108 staff.

¡ñTaizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province (1958.6-1969.6)
In 1957, the commission office of Taizhou prefecture was reset up, then our hospital had been led by that office again from October of 1957. In December of 1960, Linhai Hospital was incorporated into our hospital.

¡ñPeople¡¯s Hospital of Taizhou Prefecture (1969.6-1970.5)
In January of 1969, the hospital set up revolution committee, and was renamed as the People¡¯s Hospital of Taizhou prefecture.

In December of 1969, while the Taizhou Epidemic Prevention Station was incorporated into our hospital, it was renamed as the People¡¯s Preventive and Cure Hospital of Taizhou prefecture.

In 1971, the Epidemic Prevention Station was established separately, the hospital was renamed as the People¡¯s Hospital of Taizhou prefecture. The hospital beds were increased to 380, the medical staff to 373.

¡ñTaizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province (1978.6- up to now)
In June of 1978, the hospital was renamed as the Taizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province. In 2009, the establishment of the Taizhou Enze Medical Center (Group)